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Experimental lab in Burchard-415

  - One regular and one walk-in Supreme Air model fume hoods by Kewaunee Scientific Corporation.

- Micromeritics 2950 High Pressure (up to 70 bar) automated reactor system with 4 independent internal temperature controlled zones and 12 gas inlets. The reactor system includes a fully automated chemisorption analyzer for temperature programmed, pulse chemisorption and physisorption analyses of catalytic materials (TPD, TPR, TPO, BET surface area and Pulse Chemisorption).

- The reactant and products are analyzed on line with a Varian 450 gas chromatographer equipped with both TCD and FID detectors (1 HayeSep Q and 1 molecular sieve 6 columns) and with a rotor and 6-port sampling valve.

- Additional on line gas analysis is performed with a Hiden HPR 20 quadrupole mass spectrometer.

- Two analytical Mettler Toledo XS64 microbalances, Thermolyne F48000 muffle furnace, Thermo Scientific Heratherm model 51028112 general protocol oven (gravity convection), gas cylinder racks.

- Parr 5521 high pressure (207 bar) 300 ml reactor with a variable speed motor, pressure transducer and a high-pressure gas burette.



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Computational lab in Burchard-311

  - 5 Dell Precision T5500, 6 Dell R5400, 5 Dell PowerEdge R420 and 2 Dell PowerEdge R820 workstations. The workstations are networked into a computational cluster for performing modeling of catalytic materials and reactions using quantum chemical and molecular mechanical calculations.


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